The Timeshare From Hades

Everything was going so splendidly. Madame Achat Chartres had successfully made her connection into Denver International and was about to be picked up by her French-speaking ski instructor to hit the slopes on the fresh powder that came in last night.

Naturally, the Madam was sporting the most jaw-dropping ski suit you could possibly imagine; she had made it herself, given the master seamstress she is.

It was a totally water-proof Nylon Polyester blend of red, white and blue fabric replete with many zippers and it fit her like a glove showing off her still statuesque body in a way that titillated her companion to no end.

Monsieur Philip didn’t speak a lick of English, so he got along fine with Madame Achat as off they were to the Madam’s timeshare to enjoy some of the world’s greatest skiing.

Upon arrival, Philip opened the window shades and
fetched a glass to pour himself a cup of water.

Being 5,000 feet high can dry you out a little. As he turned the knob, he got a surprise:

“Sacre bleu!”he blurted out as a pinhole jet of water shot out at him through the wall board. It hit him right in the eye.

As he turned the faucet off, it did not stop the leak. Now, a second spray of water shot out as well, and the entire wallboard was starting to change color as it became saturated with water:

“Rapide! Recherche Arvada Plumbing Companies!

As the floor started pooling up with water, the Madam quickly got the best of all Arvada Plumbing companies on the phone . . . none other than Arvada Plumbing Services.

As luck would have it, they were
only a few blocks away

The first thing they did upon arrival was locate the main water shut-off valve. It took them a little time to clear away the snow and warm the valve enough to turn it closed.

“Your pipe froze in this wall!” stated the guy from Arvada Plumbing. You’re lucky it happened while you were here or it could have created far more water damage.

“What should be done to prevent this from ever happening again?” the Madam asked the plumber.

“This isn’t exactly rocket science,” he replied to her. “Any number of Arvada plumbing companiescould have take care of this for you. This cold water pipe is too close to the exterior wall of the house and it didn’t have the proper jacketing or insulation to protect it from freezing. When you’re not here, it’s OK to turn the heat down but you should probably keep the thermostat at least 40°Fahrenheit to prevent freezing.”

Madam Achat took the advice from the man who had suddenly earned being among her favorite Arvada plumbing companies and as the mess was finally tidied up, she stepped out into her back yard and enjoyed some of the finest skiing Colorado has to offer.

She now is completely sure that should she ever need to search Arvada plumbing companies, Arvada Plumbing Services will be her first choice!